Participation in BBC2 “Who were the Greeks”, and BBC4 “Ancient Greece: The Greatest show on earth” TV Productions


Association of Historical Studies “KORYVANTES” announces it’s participation in the great International BBC productions, whose subject is the Ancent Greek Civilization, and are currently being shown with great success in Britain and the whole world.

Our Associaton presented with great success and in a comprehemsive way the method of war through the hoplite phalanx, impresive sets of swordplay and pankration, as well as the pereparation of the Spartan Black broth.

The impressive scenes were used in the first circle of the documentary series “Who were the Greeks” (2 episodes) aired by BBC2 and “Ancient Greece: The Greatest show on earth”(3 episodes) aired by BBC4. The Presenter was Dr Michael Scott, Assistant Professor in Classics and Ancient History at the University of Warwick, author of several books on ancient Greek and Roman society, and presenter of a numerous documentaries for National Geographic, History Channel and the BBC.

The Associaton would like to extend his warmest thanks to Mr. Athanasios Porporis for his moral support and advice, the “Evzonoi” athletic club for the technical supervision for the pankration film shooting and the fencing trainer Mr George Georgas for the training of our member in the usage of the period swords.


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