George E. Georgas

George E. Georgas
(Γεώργιος Ε. Γεωργάς)

IMG_4786• Certified Fencing coach within the Hellenic Fencing Federation – Hellenic Ministry of Sports & General Secretariat of Sports.
• Pammachon 2nd Level Instructor.
• Order of the Acritai Council- Council Member.
• HPA Member.
• Byzantine weapons director in the Pamachon divition of ΕΟΠΑ (recognized by Hellenic Cultural Ministry) in Hellas.
• National Fencing referee in epee for the Hellenic Fencing Federation.
• Unterhauptman of Meyer Freifechter Guild in Hellas.
• Historical European Martial Arts instructor with the rank of  of Research Scholar and Fechter.
• Hoplomachia instructor of the Association of Historical Studies Koryvantes.
• Founder of the Academy of Historical European Martial Arts ‘Leontes’.
• Other Martial Arts:
1. Northern Shaoling kung fu (2 years)
2. Eagle Claw kung Fu (5 years)
3. Tai Ji Quan (Chen Style)
4. Ninpo Taijutsu (6 years)


• Piraeus, Hellas-Residency.
• Member of Greek Orthodox Church.
• B.A. of (Honors) in Computer Engineering and Digital            Electronics from the Southeastern Europe University of Athens.
• Author of books ‘Guardian of Secrets’ and ‘The Road of the Kings’.
• Historical researcher.
• Author of articles in various historical and combat sports magazines.
• Assistant on Pammachon seminar for training and expertise in dealing with issues of physical violence and escape. The seminar done for officers held at Military Camp Karaiskakis for the Special Interdisciplinary Company (ΕΔΛΟ) for Nuclear / Biological / Chemical (ΠΒΧ) Defense. This special unit operates under the direct orders of the General Staff/ Ministry of Defense and is part of Greece’s elite Delta Force.
• Participated at the ‘Sports Paths’ program of Stavros Niarcos Foundation.