Kinematics Analysis of Lunge Fencing Using Stereophotogrametry

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Authors: 1M. Gholipour, A. Tabrizi and 2F.
1Farahmand department of Physical Education, Sharif University of Technology,Tehran, Iran 2Mechanics Faculty, Sharif University of Technology,Tehran, Iran

Abstract: The purpose of the present study was to cinematically analyze fencing lunge in two groups of elite and novice athletes. Eight right-handed fencers (foil-male) were selected from Sharif University’s fencing team (novice group, mean 21.5±1.3 years) and Iranian national fencing team (Elite group, mean 24±2.5 years) and were tested in two different days following installing of markers over subjects’ joints. They performed fencing lunge, facing three high speed Kinemetrix cameras. The results showed that the elite group had a higher mean lunge length than the novice group (1.17±0.17m vs. with 1.02±0.1 m). Studying the affecting factors, it was noticed that the elite group inclined their bodies (0.117±0.04 m) more towards their front legs than novice group (0.051±0.30) in on-guard position…

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Μαχητική προπόνηση Οπλομαχίας

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Τη Κυριακή 16/7/2017 παρόλο την υψηλή θερμοκρασία έγινε μαχητική προπόνηση οπλομαχίας πάνω σε τεχνικές  μακριού σπαθιού και στο δόρυ.

Η προπόνηση επικεντρώθηκε στην φράση των όπλων και στις σύνθετες επιθέσεις και αποκρούσεις.

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