The Dance of the swords


By George E. Georgas

Who said that only the Chinese hide their martial arts in the form of dance such as the ‘Chinese opera’? Instead here in Greece there are many war dances that unfortunately remain unknown. For example here we have the ‘dance of swords “that through him the Cappadocian learned the martial art of sword in secret from the Ottomans.They learned it through dance and the learn from this way not only the guards but also the footwork.


Dance of the swords dancing in Farasa ofCappadocia.
“Ο χορός μο τα δρα τα μασαίρε” as it was called by farasiotes and dancers masairati. It’s war dance, dancers with large sabers and thus, as a pretext, the farasiotes practiced in martial art of sword in case you need to face the Turks or Cettes.


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