1934 Gaudin’s Funeral (Bout with Aldo Nadi)


1934. French. Coverage of the funeral of Olympic fencer Lucien Gaudin. Included is 30+ seconds of footage from his bout with Aldo Nadi. In making this print they must have “flipped” the negative because Gaudin was well-known as a left-handed fencer.

So in this clip, Nadi is thus the “lefthanded” fencer in white pants and Gaudin the “righthanded” fencer in dark pants.

For some reason they added “crowd noise” to the 1922 (silent) fencing footage. My apologies for the watermark.

1924 Fencing Demonstration


1924. French. Silent. Examples and demonstrations of fencing and fencing actions as shown by Lucien Gaudin, Roger Ducret and Capt. Perrodon.

For some perspective…

Four years after this video, Gaudin won the gold medal in both men’s foil and epee at the 1928 Olympics.

In 1924, the same year as this video, Ducret won gold in foil and silver in epee and sabre at the 1924 Olympics.