John Dandoulakis MA

15942353_1449141815095962_1745065386_nJohn Dandoulakis was born in Athens in 1984. He earned a BA degree in War Studies at King’s College London and continued with postgraduate studies in European and International Politics at University of Surrey. He is currently doing doctoral research on 19th century European international system, at University of Athens. He holds a deep passion about Greek history, which he serves through personal research, writing and involvement in a variety of activities.

He is the author of a unique in modern Greek bibliography research on the participation of lone Greek mercenaries in the Spanish discovery and conquest of South America, which culminated in a collaboration with “Stratiotike Istoria” magazine on the publication of an article on “Pedro di Candia: A Greek in the Conquest of the Inca Empire”.

He is also involved in blogging and Facebook Page about Byzantine history, titled “Eastern Roman Empire – The Greek Empire”, which is the result of his years-long studies on Byzantine history, politics, religion, culture, identity and Byzantine army and military tradition. This is what ultimately led him to be interested in Pammachon and practicing HEMA and particularly Byzantine swordsmanship and Hellenic Hoplomachia.