Christ bearing the Cross

Scholae Palatinae

 Christ Bearing the Cross

By George E. Georgas, Fencing coach, Pammachon & Swordsmanship instructor

Christ bearing the Cross. This Byzantine icon of 15th cent which is probably unique is showing Christ carrying the Cross to Golgotha. The icon has anachronisms. The first is that Christ wear the dress of a Roman emperor of 15th cent and the second are the Roman legionaries who escort our Lord are wearing interesting armors and they are holding interesting weapons. The soldier right to Christ wears a 15th cent full plate of Italian origin, he has an Italian helmet a spear with the banner of SPQR and he has a long sword. The soldiers to the left they wear classical Eastern Roman armors. We can see lamellar type of armors, scale mails but also plate armor. All the soldiers have long swords, some they are holding spears and one he has a small…

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