The art of archery of early Eastern Roman period

Scholae Palatinae

By George E. Georgas, Fencing coach, Pammachon and Historical swordsmanship instructor

To my friend Spyros Bakas

The Byzantine martial art or better say the martial education of Byzantines is a very broad group of many things to study. One of them is the long distance combat that was very important in Byzantine high strategy. Many battles won with the correct use of the archers and the horse archers. But with what way the archers were using their bows? There are enough schools of archery in the world and each have their way. What equipment they had the archers? Are they footman or are they horse archers?
The books that described the high strategy of the Romans they give too may details of the equipment of the soldiers but the authors did not give details of what techniques used in training for melee combat neither for long distance combat. For this…

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