Pammachon Seminar: Introduction to long sword fencing

Freifechter Guild - Hellas

At Monday 20/3/2017 conducted Pammachon seminar in the fencing hall of Panellinios G. C, with title ‘Introduction to long sword fencing’.

The seminar organized from Panellinios G. C (one of the oldest fencing clubs of Greece) and the Academy of Historical European Martial Arts ‘Leontes’. Instructor was the fencing coach, Pammachon and historical fencing instructor George E. Georgas.

After a lecture about the evolution of fencing from martial art to sport, the scholars watch the deference between the fencing style of Joachim Meyer school and others methods of long sword fencing.

The scholars learned the rules of long sword tournaments and they watch duels between the fencers of the two fencing clubs that organized the event.

Also identified the similarities and the differences between the modern and the historical fencing.

We are thanking the fencing coach of Panellinios G.C. Mr. Evangelos Sarris, and the fencers of the two fencing clubs…

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