March 2017. Longsword Tournament in the courtyard of the medieval monastery of Kaisariani.

Freifechter Guild - Hellas

On 12/03/2017 the Freifechter Guild of Hellas conducted a long sword tournament for men over 19 years old.

The long sword tournament took place in the courtyard of the 10th century  medieval monastery of Kaisariani.

Angel Pileidis from the ‘Leontes’ of ScholaePalatinae of Piraeus took the first place, the second and third place took the fencers of the Eadt Attica Freifechters Theodore Nelson and Panayiotis Papanikolaou.

The judges were George E. Georgas, Aikaterini Parla, Dimitrios Statharas and George Karanisas.

Congratulations to all the fencers.

4 new logo LEONTES me spathia

Η ‘ΑΚΑΔΗΜΙΑ ΙΣΤΟΡΙΚΩΝ ΕΥΡΩΠΑΪΚΩΝ ΠΟΛΕΜΙΚΩΝ ΤΕΧΝΩΝ’, είναι αντιπρόσωπος του Meyer Frei Fechter Guild στην Ελλάδα

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