The ‘Strike on the Scalp’ in Acritic epics

Scholae Palatinae


By George E. Georgas

The reconstruction of Eastern Roman Hoplomachia or Byzantine Hoplomachia is a very difficult task. As you know there are not found any existing fencing manuals until now, such as the German or Italian manuals. So we research according the experimental archaeology. Two of the methods are to study also the Byzantine literature and observe the Byzantine arts.

One of our sources is the Acritic Epic of Basilios Digenis Acritas. Digenis was a semi mythical person. He was a Byzantine warrior who protects the borders of the empire.
From this epic the researcher may found too much useful information about the equipment but also the martial art of medieval Greeks.

Here I give in public for you a fighting technique with mace and staff. The authors (because the texts come from two different books) describe it as strike to the head or scalp. The Germans call it…

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