Freifechter Guild – Hellas

Freifechter Guild - Hellas

We study, we fence… we are the Freifechters


15493795_10211804299770095_7214697676971130420_o Sparring drills



Education Education

Fencing Workshops Fencing Workshops

Joy Joy




Coaching training Coaching training


Professionalism Professionalism

Brotherhood Brotherhood

Tournaments Tournaments

Teamwork Teamwork

Presentations Presentations

We are the Federfechters We are the Federfechters

Hellenic Academy of Historical European Martial Arts ‘Leontes’.
School dedicated to the study and practice of  medieval and renaissance hoplomachia.

The members of the school are studding:

The group studies both the Kunst des Fechten or kunstfechten (German school of fencing) and also the dynamic Italian school of fencing. The group called Freifechter Guild and it is member of the Meyer Freifechter Guild. The scholars study the way of fight of the Fencing Masters that belong to the Geselschaft Liechtenauers (Society of Liechtenauer) and also the style of the Freifechter Fencing Master Joachim Meyer, who was the last great figure in the tradition of the German grand master Johannes Liechtenauer.


Mobile Tel: 694-5876-172

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