The churches of Northern Kythira, lookouts against raiders

Scholae Palatinae


By George E. Georgas

English translation from Greek by Aggelos Pilidis

Kythira, the eye of Crete. During the 10th century the island was uninhabited due to the raids of the Arabs of the Emirate of Crete, that were using it as their base. When the Emirate of Crete was destroyed by the army of the Roman Emperor Nikephoros Phokas, the island remained uninhabited until Saint Theodore arrived and stayed alone in the abandoned monastery of Saints Sergios and Bakchos, until he rested in peace. A few years later, hunters from Sparta and Monemvasia found the holy relic of the Saint by miracle, and then the island started being inhabited by people from those places, that settled in its northern part and gradually spread towards the south. The island was under the jurisdiction of the Commander of Sparta, that built Saint Theodore’s monastery. Later the island came into the jurisdiction of…

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