Piraeus Historical Fencing Camp 2016

A four-day summer longsword camp took place in Piraeus for the first time in Greece.

The fencers were trained under particularly harsh conditions, because of high temperatures, in the use of the longsword of the Fellowship of Lichtenauer for six hours every day. There was also a presentation on hoplomachia using the Byzantine Paramerium (saber).

Regarding the longsword, attendants were trained on techniques from the Codex Wallerstein (1470). The second day, the fencers were trained in the techniques documented in the Codex Danzig (1452) by Peter von Danzig zum Ingolstadt.

The last day, fencing techniques of the 16th century by Paulus Hector Mair and Joachim Meyer were taught, noting the differences in the guard positions and the techniques shown in the previous days, because of the change the particular sword underwent at that point in time.

Regarding the Paramerium (Byzantine Saber), there was a presentation of the guard positions and training in simple and complex attacks.

Trainers in the Longsword were Mr. Volker Seifert and his assistant Mr. Ingo Barfuß from the German HEMA club, Turnieres.

Trainer in the Paramerium was Mr. George E. Georgas from Leontes.

The Piraeus Summer Camp 2016 was conducted with cooperation from Turnieres, Koryvantes, Leontes, Panellinios,Meyer Freifechter Guild of Germany and Greece and the Axion Fencing Club of Piraeus .


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