Greek-American Wins Silver Fencing Medal for Team USA!

L'Art du duel


Alexander Massialas won the silver medal for men’s individual foil, making him the first U.S. fencer to bring home an individual medal in that sport since 1984. This is the first foil medal for a U.S. Olympian since 1960.

Massialas fought back tears on the podium. “It was overwhelming,” he said. “Obviously, I wish I could have gotten the gold; I was sad a little bit, but I couldn’t be prouder to bring back any medal for the United States. I stood up there and tried to keep my head held high. I couldn’t be a prouder son, I couldn’t be a prouder brother, I couldn’t be a prouder friend, teammate. Being able to bring the silver back to the United States, U.S. fencing, everyone along the way who has been there every step of the way.”

Alexander’s Greek father, Greg Massialas, who fenced for the United States in the…

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