Hoplomachia seminar for the French TV channel France 5


The Association of Historical Studies ‘Koryvantes’ was kindly invited by the French TV Channel France5 to present the connection of modern Martial Arts practices with the age-old fighting traditions of the Hellenic world through the eyes of the people who study and practice it. In cooperation with the Academy of Historical European Martial Arts ‘Leontes’, weapon techniques that connect the Mycenaean, Ancient Greek and Medieval Byzantine hoplomachia and its influence on the great German School of Swordsmanship in the years of the European Renaissance were presented and filmed for the French show Echappées Belles.

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The filming took place during a seminar on the use of the Thracian Rhomphaia sword, and the Hoplon shield with the Kopeas sword. Fighting exercises between the two weapons followed, as well as openings and tactics for each one. The seminar continued on the subject of Byzantine hoplomachia, explaining the differences between the “Hoplon” shield and the Byzantine ‘buckler’ (in Greek: χειροσκουτάριον) and ‘scutarium’ (in Greek: σκουτάρι) shields and those between the Rhomphaia sword and the 14th and 15th century Longsword that the Byzantine officers and the Knights of the West were using.

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For the seminar’s needs, reconstructions of weapons and armors of various ages were used. People central to the presentation were the swordsmanship instructor George Ε. Georgas, Olympic Fencing coach, Pammachon and Historical Fencing instructor, Fechter and Research Scholar of the Meyer Freifechter Guild, Panagiotis Papanikolaou, Study Group leader of the Leontes Academy, and Klisiaris Nikolaos, member of the Koryvantes Association responsible for communicating the unique spirit of Koryvantes/Leontes to the French public.


After all “armors are a trip through time and civilizations”…The show has already aired for the French public and will soon be presented by our Association as well.

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