1st Hellenic Martial Education of Pammachon at Greek Orthodox Youth of America presentation in the US Hellenic Diaspora


We are proud to announce the 1st presentation to the Greek Orthodox Youth of America youths leading with “Earthly Armor: Hellenic Martial Education“, after the presentation of the Hellenic Martial Education of Pammachon from the Instructor of Pammachon Mr. Eric D. Hill, Father Constantine Simeonidis explaining the “Ephesians 6:10-18” and “The Armor of God” went very smoothly at The Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church of Greater Orlando.


The outline of Mr. Eric Hill presentation:

1.Tradition of 19th century Greece and ancestral lands – Youth beginning in schools.
2. Historically prepared psyche of populace of the small country of Hellas surrounded by hostile nations as well as ethnic Greek populations elsewhere.
3. Honor and Virtue – Protecting community by building personal power.
4. Hellenic traditional dance & Hellenic martial education.
5. The 3 Pillars – 8 Movements, Parry Set and Quarterstaff Set.
6. Scientific Reinforcement – (breathing, coccyx, stance, guard & movement -> w/ knowledge of arterial, nervous, muscular systems).
7. Modern Civilians (boys and girls to adults) to Militaries of the West.
7.a. Module training at NMIOTC in Crete under Headmaster (Mr. Kostas Dervenis).
7.b. Headmaster awards from NATO, Hellenic military and Hellenic Air Force.
8. Adult Demo – Empty Hand, Knife and Short Sword (Qama).


The President and the Instructor of the Academy of Historical European Martial Arts ‘Leontes’ congratulate Mr. Eric D. Hill for his magnificent work.


With Honor and Virtue


The President of the Academy                                            The Instructor


Mr. Antonios Zoumbroulis                                                     Mr. George E. Georgas


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