When the Cane faced the Katana

L'Art du duel

By George E. Georgas
Computer Engineering, Certified Fencing Coach of the Hellenic Fencing Federation, Instructor of the Hellenic Martial Education of Pammachon and Instructor of Historical European Martial Arts.

Translation from Greek to English language by Mr. Aggelos Pilidis

This article have been published at the Greek online magazine: Time Machine (Μηχανή του Χρόνου)

Accounts of fights between western and Japanese swordsmen are very few. In an older article is recorded the duel between the officer of the Imperial Russian army, Lt.Aleksandar Saičić (1873-1911) and a Japanese officer, with the first being the winner and honored by the Tsar for his bravery. But there are also records of another fight, that wasn’t a duel but instead self-defence. Protagonists in that fight were a Japanese police officer, Tsuda Sanzō, descendant and student of Samurai and Prince George of Greece.

Before we get to the engagement, though, let us analyze the…

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