Pammachon Staff Training Exhibition at The Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church of Greater Orlando, FL

Scholae Palatinae


There is a Hellenic tradition that was once widespread throughout today’s Hellas and ancestral lands in the 19th though early 20th centuries; girls, boys, women and men….from Epiros, Thessalia, through Makedonia and Thraki, Pontos, Kappadokia, Kastellorizo, Kriti, etc.
In Pammachon, or rather Hellenic martial education, we triangulate students to proper mechanics by utilizing the empty-hand Pammachon Parry Set and 8- movements combined with the Κοντάρι set. After participating in the Pammachon Summer Camp in Papingo, Greece last summer and the time afforded since then, I have been able to walk a journey with my youth students where their skills have increased. Today 5 of those students Demetrios, Elias, Christian, Athan and Lucian will show you multiple modes of κοντάρι training together for the 1st time in the Hellenic Diaspora.


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