Fencing Day Conference at the Educational Organization ‘Themistocles’

L'Art du duel


The athletes of fencing of the Educational Organization ‘Themistocles’ in the Fencing Day Conference made a presentation of their skills to their families and their friends.

Before that the attendees watched a seminar about the history of fencing from the ancient times until our days and how from a martial art became sport and also they watch Historical Fencing duels from the historical fencers of the Academy of Historical European Martial Arts ‘Leontes’ and Olympic Fencers duels on video projector.


The rapporteur was Mr. George E. Georgas who is the fencing instructor of the Organization with cooperation with Mr. John Tsoubris who is the Sport Moderator of the Organization.

We thank the Historical Studies Club ‘Koryvantes’ for supporting the event.

In the near future the Organization is going to do a greater event for all the students.








The photo album here

Source: ‘ Ιt Sports’

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