Pammachon Workshop: The Art of Long Sword according the Codex Speyer (MS M.I.29) of 1491 by Martin Siber

Freifechter Guild - Hellas


At Sunday 13/3/2016 at the alley close to the medieval Monastery of Kaisariani in the forest of Kaisariani, there is going to be held Historical European Martial Arts Workshop with subject:

The Art of Long Sword, according the Codex Speyer (MS M.I.29) 1491 by Martin Siber

The seminar is under the sponsorship of the Hellenic Federation of Pankration (Sport branch Pammachon).

Instructor: George E. Georgas

The attendees are going to learn:

A) The system’s Guards.
B) The system’s points of attention.
C) The 6 lessons of Siber’s system.


Tel: +30-694-587-6172

Whoever wishes to acquire honor
Before princes and before lords
In fencing with the sword,
That is good and proper
That follow my lessons
They triumph continually.
Hold the six courses in guard
They are quite praiseworthily good
In them is well understood
Many good masters’ wisdom
From Hungary, Bohemia, Italy,
From France, England…

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