Lecture ‘Byzantine Hoplomachia’

Scholae Palatinae


Held successfully on Wednesday, January 20 of 2016, at 8 pm, the lecture on “Byzantine Hoplomachia”. The lecture held at the exhibition area of the New Town Hall of Peristeri in Athens.

The lecture took place in a series of events that take place in exhibition of Mr. Dimitrios Skourtelis with the name ‘AKRITES’.

The lecture discussed how the Byzantine warriors were fought and what equipment they had. Analyzed how evolved the hoplomachia depending on the circumstances from the early years to the end of the Empire, and also how the combatstyle of the late period had passed to the Greek Statioti of the renaissance.

At the end of the lecture attendees watched Byzantine Hoplomachias (historical European martial arts) drills and sparring that were filmed by our members of our association.

In the lecture was attended by members of our school and members of cultural clubs.

Screenshot 2016-01-20 23.36.11




Screenshot 2016-01-20 23.39.35


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