Youth Pammachon Demos at Greek Fest 2015 in greater Orlando, FL – 1st Time in Hellenic Diaspora

During “Greek Fest 2015” on Nov 7 & 8th, at the Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church of Greater Orlando, 2 Youth Pammachon demonstrations were performed. The last 2 pictures in the video from over 130 and 100 years ago, respectively, show why this 1st demonstration in the US Hellenic Diaspora show basic κοντάρι (staff) and empty hand parrying skills.
These demonstrations were inline with our HPA non-profit’s intention to serve as a catalyst of recovery to the nation of Greece

(…) via the Hellenic

Diaspora nations, including but not limited to: the US, Canada and Australia. We are executing an advanced version of the model proven out by the Japanese, in Judo, and the Koreans ,with Tae Kwon Do, in serving their own nations in recovery after WWII and the Korean War, respectively. Our legacy of 19th century Hellas and ancestral lands is, in fact, older than Judo, created in the late 1880’s, and Tae Kwon Do, which was created after the Korean War in the 1950’s.
These youth, all 11 years old and younger, and a number with only several months of training, have taken on this role to support the Patrida without hesitation and presented in front of large crowds in the “tourist capital of the world”; the greater Orlando, FL region of the USA.
We will be available for demonstrations at events in other Hellenic communities as a service to the greater κοινότητα (community). The performances will become more extensive and include adults that are enrolled in the “adult track” of training. Starting in 2016, the HPA non-profit is sponsoring an annual Pammachon Training Camp in Papingo (Hellas), initially focused on the youth of the Hellenic Diaspora. The camp is being orchestrated by our mother organization in Hellas, the “Διεθνή Ένωση Πάμμαχου”; which is recognized by the Hellenic Ministry of Culture.


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