The instructor of our Fencing school earned the rank of ‘Research Scholar’ of the Meyer Freifechter Guild


We are in the happy condition to announce the promotion of the Instructor and Coach of our fencing school , Mr. George E. Georgas  with the ‘rank’ of Research Scholar of the Meyer Freifechter Guild.

Follows the announcement from the official page of the Guild:

After much discussion between me and the Captain of our fine guild Mr. Mike Cartier, we have decided to award George E. Georgas (Γεώργιος Γεωργάς), with the much deserved and well earned rank of Research Scholar. As many of you know, this “rank” is based on an extensive body of work that contributes greatly to our continuing studies of these western martial arts. George displays that consistently with his studies and instruction in these arts. We in the MFFG are most honored to be associated with him and his students.

George is hereby encouraged to wear the Blue Ribbon which we hope will come to signify such great contributions to the study to the art Meyer.

He serves as an inspiration to all. Congratulations!

Kevin Maurer
Head of Guild Research 16 Oct 2015

From : ‘Freifechter Guild – Hellas’


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