2016 Pammachon Summer Camp – Papingo, Hellas

In 2016, the ΔΕΠ (International Pammachon Union), head quartered in Hellas and recognized by the Hellenic Cultural Ministry, will be conducting the first “Annual Pammachon Training Camp” in Papingo and greater Zagori in Hellas. It will be supported by the Hellenic Pammachon Alliance non-profit and the Akrites Academy (Ακαδημία Ακριτών); both based in Orlando, FL, USA.

The goal for the first year is to achieve 20 youth (7 – 17 yrs old) attendees and their guardians at the 3 day (4 nights) camp, including late afternoon arrival and early morning departure the day before and after (+2 optional days for those who would like to enhance the experience). It is intended to pull attendees from across the US Hellenic Diaspora.

The program in 2016 will be centered on Papingo (Pammachon headquarters) and take advantage of locations throughout Zagori. Features of the camp will include:

1.Extensive κοντάρι (Gr. Staff) training;
2.Extensive empty hand training (striking, grappling etc) in both nature and a professionally matted facility;
3.Basic Byzantine swordsmanship;
4.Trekking and mountain-climbing;
5.Swimming in icy waters (for those so inclined);
6.Nightly glendi with camp attendees whenever possible to include Greek dances;
7.Lodgings in Papingo;
8.Breakfast and dinner on day 1, 2 and 3;
9.T-shirt commemorating the “2016 Pammachon Training Camp”;
10.Video compilation of event to be included on YouTube;
11.Pictures of attendees in front of school house in Papingo where we have pictures of children training 110 years ago – (provided digitally);
12.Testing for rank recognition;
13.Pammachon Certificate of Training and/ or certified rank – (provided digitally);


1.Horseback riding lessons;
3.Trek through Vikos Gorge;
4.Advanced mountain trek to Provatina cave (408 meters deep, one of the deepest sheer drops in the world) and Astraka peak (2,497 m);
5.Tactical shooting with Greece’s national champions;

Local Identifiers:

1.Vikos Gorge, one of the deepest in the world (Guiness Book of World Records);
2.Voidomatis River: cleanest water in Europe (EU);
3.Region where Alexander the Great’s mother was born and reared;
4.Region where Epirotes fought the Romans in battle and siege warfare – and won;
5.Villages with noted 500 year old architecture;
6.Moni Panagia (Μόνη Παναγίας) – 350 year old monastery;
7.1000 year old “Church of the Panagia” in Papingo;


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