The ‘Sinopsis Historiarum’ of John Scylitze declares the stances of Byzantine hoplomachia of the 11th century

Scholae Palatinae


By George E.Georgas , fencing coach and historical fencing instructor

With this article I have to introduce our new member of the Academy of Historical European Martial Arts ‘Leontes’ as historical researcher, Mr. Foteinos Staveris who is student of archeology at the University of History and Archeology of Ioannina. I have to thank the Byzantine and Ecclesiastical Museum of Kefallinia for sharing to our Academy the copy of Scylitze ‘s book of 11th century ‘Sinopsis Historiarum’ for the purpose of studding. The Greek version of this essay added at the archives of the Byzantine and Ecclesiastical Museum of Kefallinia.

John Scylitze was a Greek historian of the 11th century. He has the title of kouropalates of the imperial palace. This title was one of the highest from the time of Justinian the Great until the Komninian dynasty. The title means he who is in charge in the imperial palace. Also…

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