Extraordinary duel in Manchuria

Ακαδημία Ιστορικών Ευρωπαϊκών Πολεμικών Τεχνών

What the newspapers wrote about this duel

During the Russo-Japanese war(8 Feb. 1904- 5 Sept.1905) there was a certain event ,in fact it was a single combat duel,between two officers of opposing sides in front of the eyes of two opposing armies.The duel was actual and real event,but not commonly known.
During that war there was a certain Japanese officer who became famous by provoking Russian officers in single combat duel in front of the eyes of Russian and Japanese soldiers,usually before some major battle in purpose of boosting moral of Japanese soldiers.That Japanese officer was not samurai per se,because after Emperor Meiji reform there was no more classical samurai,but he was,without doubt,trained in weapon and raised in samurai spirit.

It was the year 1905.Russo-Japanese war was at full steam.That wet morning two opposing armies watched each other after countless Japanese wasted charges on Russian positions somewhere in Manchuria front…

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