Hellenic Martial Education Collage


Regions with photographs 100 years or more: Epiros, Thraki, Kriti, Makedonia and Pontos. Within the last 6 months in color: the United States and Epiros. You will notice that our oldest photograph of youth training in Hellas or occupied Greek lands is dated during the 1880’s. The collage of pictures, both black and white, include males and females. At the top in color, you have youth (in official στολή) supporting HPA activites both in the US Hellenic Diaspora under my direction and in Hellas under headmaster Kostas Dervenis.

If you want your children/grandchildren in the collage, you have several options:

  1. They can attend the 2016 “Pammachon Training Camp” in the
    summer of 2016 high in the mountains of Epiros, Hellas
    ( centered around Papingo – Pammachon headquarters )
  2. They can train under Mr. Eric D. Hill and participate in the HPA
    demonstration team in the Hellenic communities of the US.
  3. Become certified to teach youth by Mr. Eric D. Hill in an HPA clinic
    and forward a picture of your students training in the HPA stoli
    to HPA officials

Given the situation in Hellas activities have been accelerated. Items that are solidly in-flight for 2015 – 2016 will be listed within the week.
( http://www.hellenicpa.org/hpa/hpa-hellenism/hpa-patrida )