Pammachon seminar, in Military Camp Karaiskakis A at Chaidari

On 19-6-2015 the President of Pammachon Mr. Costas Dervenis was awarded the Emblem of the Special Interdisciplinary Company (ΕΔΛΟ) for Nuclear / Biological / Chemical (ΠΒΧ) Defense by its Commander, Major George Kostis.

This special unit operates under the direct orders of the General Staff/ Ministry of Defense and is part of Greece’s elite Delta Force.

The Emblem was awarded for the provision of training and expertise in dealing with issues of physical violence and escape, in a seminar for officers held at Military Camp Karaiskakis, in which all senior officers of the School of Signals/Communications and their commander Lieutenant Colonel Panos Basiliadis also participated.

Also participated in the seminar Mr. Nikolaos Pappas (Pammachon Instructor), Lt. Col. Stelios Leivaditakis (Pammachon member), Mr. George E. Georgas(Fencing instructor and instructor of armed Pammachon).

We thank Mr. Nikolaos Koumbanoudakis (Shooting instructor and member of Pammachon) for his priceless assistance during this seminar.

Act with knowledge.


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