The Instructor of the Academy of Historical European Martial Arts ‘ Leontes ‘ , is the new member and official trainer of oplomachia at the Akrites Academy in USA

The Instructor of the Academy of Historical European Martial Arts ‘ Leontes ‘ George E. Georgas , is the new member and official trainer of oplomachia at the  Akrites Academy in USA

The Akrites Academy ( Ακαδημία Ακριτών) has been designated by the Hellenic Pammachon Alliance, as its “Center of Excellence and US Training Headquarters” for Hellenic martial art ( Πάμμαχον).  As such, the academy supports, innovates and proliferates the Hellenic Pammachon Alliance program ( ).


The Hellenic Pammachon Alliance is a non-profit organization founded in the State of Florida in the USA. The initial goals of the organization include:

  1. Expose the youth of the US, Canadian, and Australian Hellenic Diaspora (availability to all Americans, Canadians and Australians) to traditional Hellenic martial art (Πάμμαχον). This methodology includes: Hellenic philosophy, Hellenic terminology, Hellenic martial dance, Hellenic martial sport, non-sport techniques, weapons defenses, traditional κοντάρι (staff) training, σπάθη (sabre) training, σπάθη and ασπίδα (buckler shield) training, with rank progression in an age-appropriate manner. In tandem, we provide an adult training track, for those youth that graduate to adulthood.
  2. Provide a progressive certification program for “Δάσκαλος/Δασκάλα Νεων” (Youth Trainer) for adults to provide appropriate training to youth with their advancement. All youth ranks will be recognized by the ΕΟΠΑ (Greek government body) as well as the Institute of Traditional Martial Art of the University of New Mexico.
  3. Facilitate the orchestration and the funding of a yearly cultural event, centered around Πάμμαχον, in Hellas (Greece) for affiliates (instructors, students, etc) in the Hellenic Diaspora and their families.
  4. Through these acts, strengthen the bond between the US, Canada and Australian Hellenic Diaspora communities and Hellas for the growth of the youth.

These 4 items support the HPA intention to utilize Πάμμαχον as a major vehicle to facilitate the recovery of Hellas from what is now referred to as the Κατάσταση in both Hellas and the Hellenic Diaspora communities abroad.

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