Pammachon presents: ‘Byzantine Oplomachia workshop’


On June 7, 2015 at 11:30 to 14:30 outskirts of Kaisariani Monastery in Kaisariani Forest will be held workshop of Historical European Martial Arts (H.E.M.A) on: Byzantine Oplomachia.

The seminar will be conducted under the auspices of theGreek Federation of Pankration ( Sports branch of Pammachon), Instructor: Mr. George E. Georgas. The seminar is sponsored with technical equipment from the Association of Historical Studies ‘Korybantes’, the Philokalia, the Hellenic Armors and Mr. Dimitrios Skourtelis historical researcher and manufacturer of Mêlée weapons.

George E. Georgia is a certified instructor of fencing of Hellenic Fencing Federation, national referee of the Hellenic Fencing Federation, he is in charge of the Oplomachoa project of Pammachon and he is also a member and instructor of the Meyer Freifechter Guild having the rank of Fechter and he is Unterhauptman of the Guild in Greece, he is oplomachia instructor of the Association of Historical Studies ‘Korybantes’.
In the seminar is going to analyze the footwork and movement of any melee weapons regardless of length and format.

Regular battle against one or more opponents and how is the fight in phalanx.
Using spathion, paramiriou and pole.


Seminar cost 25e


tel: 6945876172



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