Medieval and Renaissance swordsmanship in Piraeus, from the ‘ACADEMY OF HISTORICAL EUROPEAN MARTIAL ARTS’

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Medieval and Renaissance swordsmanship and Ancient Greek Armed combat, in Piraeus, from the ‘ACADEMY OF HISTORICAL EUROPEAN MARTIAL ARTS’

Meyer Frei Fechter Guild

Meyer Frei Fechter Guild

Τhe Hellenic ‘ACADEMY OF HISTORICAL EUROPEAN MARTIAL ARTS’ is School dedicated to the study and practice of Medieval and Renaissance fencing from the German Art of Combat (Kunst des Fechten ) in Piraeus. The ACADEMY OF HISTORICAL EUROPEAN MARTIAL ARTS is a member of Pammachon (belong to the Greek Federation of Pangration),also is member of Meyer Frei Fechter Guild (the MFFG is a free International fencing school devoted to the study of Joachim Meyer’s 1560 and 1570 manuscripts) in addition to being a member of the ‘Learn Sword Fight’(branch of Gladiatores based in Germany).

-In Medieval and Renaissance course of oplomachia, the scholars  are taught the German  school of fencing to use the long sword (long sword), and dussack  focusing on the study of the manuscripts of Joachim Meyer and of the  students of the founder of German school of fencing, Johannes Liechtenauer.

-Also we study the Italian school of fencing to use the rapier. Following the manuscripts of the great Italian masters of fencing Ridolfo Capo Ferro, of Camillo Agripa and others.

-Also the Hellenic ‘ACADEMY OF HISTORICAL EUROPEAN MARTIAL ARTS’ study and practice the Byzantine style of combat with use of spathion and parmerion.

  • Also we study military saber.  We follow the military fencing manual of Phillip Muller with title ‘Theory and Practice suggestion of swordsmanship’ was one of the first Greek book about the art of fencing which published in Greece. The book was published at 1847 at the fledgling kingdom of Greece and the fencing manual of Nicolaos Pirgos with the title ‘Oplomachia Fencing & Swordsmanship’ published in Athens at 1872. Both manuals follow the French school of fencing.

If you want to join the class to learn Medieval and Renaissance martial arts, you can come to :

A. G .C. of Fencing AXION Piraeus, 120str Praxitelous, Piraeus

Saturday 17:00-19:00

tel: 6945876172












George GeorgasGeorge E. Georgas is the founder of the Hellenic Academy of Historical European Martial Arts ‘Leontes’. He is certificated fencing instructor of the Hellenic Fencing Federation and also national referee of the Hellenic Fencing Federation at the epee. He is instructor of Meyer Freifechter Guild with the rank of Fecther and he is the Guild Unterhauptman for Greece. He is also member of Learn Sword Fight (Gladiatores). He is in the Administration Council of the ‘Pammachon’. He is also instructor of weapon fighting of the Association of Historical studies ‘KORYVANTES’. He is studying the ancient Greek and Byzantine warfare, such as the use of rompaia, spathion and paramirion types of swords and other weapons such as the spear. He is also give stage fighting lessons to the theatrical team ‘The Blue Rose.’

Οι θέσεις Φυλάξης της Γερμανικής σπαθασκίας, από τον Joachim Meyer . Εδώ φαίνονται οι τέσσερεις βασικές μαζί με τις -δευτερεύουσες θέσεις φυλάξεως από τον Joachim Meyer ο οποίος ήταν δάσκαλος οπλομαχίας.

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