Presentation of Historical European Martial Arts at the 3rd INTERNATIONAL GAMES OF FENCING ‘THESSALONIKI CUP ‘ from the Academy of Historical European Martial Arts ‘Leontes’


For the first time in Greece, with the kind support of ‘Gymnastics Club of Fencing Alexander the Great’, at Saturday at 12:00 the  Academy of  Historical European Martial Arts “Leontes” of Thessaloniki Division will conduct a presentation of armed Pammachon in the  use of long sword  based on techniques of German Meister Joachim Meyer from Mr. Paul Karachisaridis. The show will take place on 3rd International Games of Fencing  ‘Cup Thessaloniki’ to be held under the auspices of the Greek Fencing Federation and the Military Corps Officers School at sports facilities ΣΣΑΣ at Plython Gemistos 2 in Thessaloniki.


The Guests,the  military representatives of Greek army but also the  fencing athletes who are there and from abroad (Italy, Romania, Russia, Cyprus, Georgia, etc.) will have the opportunity to see a simulation of how duel the warriors of the 14th and 15th century, long before the sport of fencing.


We choose for the presentation  the long sword  because the French called it also and epee. With regard to the place, we have important information that comes from a German fencing Meister of 15th century who belonged to the ‘Society of Lichtenauer’, he is Martin Siber who traveled throughout the Balkans but also in Greece and came into contact with teachers that unfortunately not survived their names and report them as respected and combat effectiveness, in order to enrich his fencing  style. Therefore no difference in combat between the  Germans and  with the warriors of the Byzantine empire at least the long sword, because this Meister wrote his book for the use of the long sword. In fact his style is analyzed  also at a later book written by German ‘freifechter’ and fencing Meister, Joachim Meyer.
The long sword was in the arsenal of Byzantium in the 14th-15th century. It was the weapon of the nobility, and it was better to use with  heavy armor, although it was used also without it, and it was  also widespread in Bulgaria and Serbia. In the West except as war weapon, it  was the weapon used in duels , particularly in Italy, Germany and elsewhere, while in France it was called also epee. We have to unterline that the fencing  school of Joachim Meyer assimilated throughout the “Academie de Arms” after 1681.

We thank all  who helped for the presentation.
 with honor

George E. Georgas
Certified  fencing coach
In charge of the  armed Pammachon
In charge of the  Meyer Freifechter Guild of Greece
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