Meyer Symposium 15-17 MAY 2015

3rd Annual Guild Only Event
The Region III Freifecthers are pleased to host the 3rd annual Meyer Symposium in Monticello, IA

Local Airports:

CID Airport

MLI Airport

DBQ Airport

Food and beverages are onsite as well as Lodging, Both are included in the ticket price.

Lodging is Open Bay or bring your own tent; air mattresses and/or cots and blankets can be provided if requested.

The annual Guild event furthering our collective understanding and interpretations of Master Meyer. We continue to focus on Kameradschaft, tradition building, and support of a generational approach to our Art.

This three-day all inclusive on site Symposium will be composed of group instruction, historical presentations, free-play, Fechter Evaluations and a Fechtschul.

Classes/workshops will be presented by weapon, “shortest to longest”:

Jay Vail – Ringen/Dagger

Mike – Drillling Meyer

Payson – Longsword

C. VanSlambrouck – Longsword

Robert Rutherfoord – Rappier

Jayson May – Halberd

The cost is 125 USD



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