In the memory of Freifechter Joachim Meÿer.


On 24 February, 1571, that most famous of Freifechter Joachim Meÿer died under mysterious circumstances (presumably poisoned by agents of Heinrich von Gunterrodt or from pneymonia) at the age of 34.

Meÿer was the last great writer in the tradition of the high master Johannes Liechtenauer, and in the final years of his life he devised at least three distinct and quite extensive fencing manuals. Meÿer’s teachings integrate many strands of the traditional Germanic technical syllabus, updated and modified to suit the weapons and customs of the late 16th century, and also incorporate pieces of various foreign systems that he encountered in his travels.

Let’s all toast his memory

The Guards and 10 Lessons of the Highland Broadsword, from Angelo 1799


The Guards being Tierce, Quarte, St.George, Hanging, Seconde, Prime, Medium and Half-Circle. The two plays at the top showing the advantage of shifting the leg back to First Position with every Guard – a practice particular to this system and not normal in later sabre unless threatened with a direct attack at the leg.

From Schola Gladiatoria