KORYVANTES Lectures in the PULTUSK Academy of Humanities, 2015

KORYVANTES Association published work

Lectures in the PULTUSK Academy of Humanities / Poland, June 30 2015

The Association of Historical Studies KORYVANTES is exceptionally honored to announce the participation in the 3rd Interdisciplinary Conference of thePultusk Academy of Humanities/ Poland  entitled “Thinking Symbols”.  


The Conference (June 30 – July 2 , 2015) which is adorned with the participation of distinguished academics and researchers from all around Europe will be held in the Conference Center of the Department of Anthropology and Archaeology of the Academy.

The Association KORYVANTES will be represented at the Conference under two (2) studies of it’s members  Mrs Christy Emilio Ioannidou and Mr Spyros Bakas.
  • Mrs Christy Emilio Ioannidou lecture, entitled “Negative verbal symbols in ancient Greek warfare” will present the importance of negative verbal symbols in the War in the ancient Greek world, and how they contributed effectively to the psychological operations against the enemy.
  • Mr. 

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