Long sword workshop, of the German school of fencing according with the teachings of S. Ringeck


At 1 February 2015 conducted with great success open Historical European Martial Arts workshop, with subject: Long sword workshop, of the German school of fencing according with the teachings of S. Ringeck who was in the ‘society of Lichtenauer’.

The workshop was under the sponsorship of the Hellenic Federation of Pankration Athlima (Sport branch Pammachon). The instructor was Mr. George E. Georgas.

George E. Georgas is:

George E. Georgas is the founder of the Hellenic Academy of Historical European Martial Arts ‘Leontes’. He is certificated fencing instructor of the Hellenic Fencing Federation and also national referee of the Hellenic Fencing Federation at the epee. He is instructor of Meyer Freifechter Guild with the rank of Fecther and he is the Guild Unterhauptman for Greece. He is in the Administration Council of the ‘Pammachon’. He is also instructor of weapon fighting of the Association of Historical studies ‘KORYVANTES’.

The instructor highlighted the similarities of long sword with the Eastern Roman Empire sword of type romphaia. He also reported that in the late Byzantine era the Romioi warriors fought with this type of weapons especially the nobles, also the foreigns warriors who served the empire such as the Italian knights, the German knights and the Varangian guards that were English from 1400 and after.

The Study Program was:

  1. Introduction in the use of Master Strikes.
  2. The Four Deflections.
  3. Tactics of the Lichtenauer’s School.
  4. Differences and similarities with the advanced system of Joachim Meyer.
  5. Similarities with Byzantine sword type ‘romphaia’, how Pankration survived in the pass of ages and how it adopted from the warriors of the North Europe.

It follows friendly tournament between the two clubs.

The winers were:

1st position George E. Georgas
2nd position Basil Talaveros
3rd Position Dimitrios Skourtelis

After the workshop follows the celebration of St. Basil pie fro the school of the East Attica. The lucky person was Dimitrios Skourtelis.

All the participators got certifications from the Pammachon.

Οι θέσεις Φυλάξης της Γερμανικής σπαθασκίας, από τον Joachim Meyer . Εδώ φαίνονται οι τέσσερεις βασικές μαζί με τις -δευτερεύουσες θέσεις φυλάξεως από τον Joachim Meyer ο οποίος ήταν δάσκαλος οπλομαχίας.

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