Lecküchner’s Messerfechten: The Krieg (folios 9v-14r)

Hans Talhoffer

This post is part of a series. It is reflecting all the plays of Hans Lecküchner, a late medieval fencing master and author of a superior fencing book. Most of the plays had been presented at various national and international events in workshops by the author of this blog. To promote the plays to a wider public the writing of Hans Lecküchner I translated them in modern language from the transcription once made by the group “Gesellschaft für Pragmatische Schriftlichkeit” (here Julia Lorbeer, Johann Heim, Robert Brunner and Alexander Kiermayer).

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Strike, thrusts, watch out for “hard” and “soft” in the binding
On contact be aware of the orbits of “war”.

[the center of the orbit (“läuf”) is the “long point” (“Langort”), see GMN3227a and others]

Now that the master had explained the first major play and piece [the strike Zornhau], he…

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