Hellenic martial art (Πάμμαχον) “East Coast” Tour 2015

The Hellenic Pankration Alliance is orchestratιng a plan to bring a 10 person EOΠΑ (recognized by the Hellenic Ministry of Culture) team over from Hellas to perform Hellenic martial art (Πάμμαχον) demonstrations in two east coast regions of the United States; New England and Florida. One can see from the letter excerpts displayed on the link below, ΕΟΠΑ officials have sanctioned this effort.

Currently, due to date changes around “Greek Easter”, the target month has moved to late April when a number of Greek Independence day parades will be conducted in US cities (the official holiday is March 25th). The link on our website below reveals more details on currently intended locations for demonstrations (list in red) by the ΕΟΠΑ team. We are reaching out to the Hellenic Diaspora regarding reserving the key locations mentioned as well as sponsorship (ie. donations) to bring the team over. If a presentation via Skype,Google Hangouts or another technology is requested, it will be accommodated.

Email: info@hellenicpankration.org for more information. http://www.hellenicpankration.org/hpa/hpa-eastcoasttour

The “Tour” is in line with HPA’s intention of utilizing Πάμμαχον (Hellenic martial art) to unite the Hellenic Diaspora powerhouses of the US, Canada and Australia. Then utilize this effort as a platform to facilitate recovery; not unlike Judo and Tae Kwon Do were leveraged for their native countries after WWII and the Korean war respectively.

In short, we intend to bring the native Hellenic martial art ambassadors to the East Coast of the US. This same pattern was followed by the Japanese and the South Koreans; which achieved HIGHLY successful results. Unfortunately, most in the Hellenic Diaspora don’t even know that the native martial art/artists exist. The first step on this journey is to change that.


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