Hellenic martial art (Πάμμαχον) “East Coast” Tour 2015 program

In early September 2014, the HPA made a proposal to the ΕΟΠΑ (Ελληνική Ομοσπονδία Πάγκρατιου Αθλήματος), the official Greek government Hellenic martial art organization,  that the Hellenic Pankration Alliance sponsor a 10 person team to come tο the US to march and then perform demonstrations in geographic regions of the US along the east coast. :

1.  Manhattan, NY –  march in 2015 Greek Independence Day Parade w/ HPA
2.  Boston, MA –  demonstration
3.   Tarpon Springs, FL –  demonstration

On 10/10/14 as a result of our proposal, we received a response from the Secretary General of the ΕΟΠΑ, Mr. Panagiotis Kannellopoulos (excerpts on this page). The ΕΟΠΑ is  requesting the HPA non-profit to fund and orchestrate the tour per our proposal.  The Board of Directors of the Hellenic Pankration Alliance have accepted this request.

  To initiate orchestration of the “East Coast Tour”, the HPA non-profit has begun reaching out to US Hellenic Diaspora organizations and personalities

We are actively searching for contacts at the  locations below, as well as donations, to facilitate EOΠΑ demonstrations.  Due to changes around “Greek Easter” and supportive Hellenic Diaspora activity, the intended itinerary has been adapted as follows:

1.       April 26, 2015 Greek Independence Day Parade

Boston, MA

2.      Hellenic College Holy Cross

Brookline, MA

3.      Hellenic American Academy

Lowell, MA

4.      St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Cathedral

Tarpon Springs, FL

5.      Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church of Greater Orlando

Maitland, FL

6.      Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church

Clearwater, FL

The HPA is also soliciting for donations amongst the Hellenic Diaspora to support the “East Coast Tour”.

To request more information or a presentation utilizing a remote technology (Skype, Google Hangouts, etc) , please email:


or call:



 Donator Benefits:

1.  Support a positive image for Hellenism and Hellas in the US
2.   Build bonds between our youth and Greece through native martial art
   3.  Certificate of appreciation
   4.  Business entity’s name presented in promotional materials:  Greek TV, banners, YouTube, websites, etc.


The demonstrations, including introduction and transitions, are intended to last 30 mintues.  They are currently slated to consist of:

1.  Introduction of team (Hellas/US) and presentation
2.  Pyrrichios with classical armor and weapons
3.   Weapons connecting to Byzantine Greek through revolution of 1821
 4.  Μαχαίρι (Πιτσακ Οιν) Pyrrichios performance
5.   Sport Pammachon
   6.  Pammachon Staff Form
7.   Closing with word on HPA youth and adult programs with adult certification as Δάσκαλος/Δασκάλα Νεών

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