Pammachon Containment Diagram

In regards to the HPA Hellenic martial art (Πάμμαχον) initiative to the Hellenic Diaspora in the US, Australian, Canada and then to citizens of the same nations, it is pertinent to ensure understanding of some basic terminology in conjunction with the curriculum. Attached is what I would term a “containment diagram” showing what composes Πάμμαχον. You will note that in some cases the Greek terminology is presented. The blue words below are phonetic pronunciation. The purple words represent the label of a person: Πάμμαχος, Παμμαχάριος and Παγκρατιαστής respectively.
The HPA knows that sport Pammachon, after the trials are complete, will be relevent to a number of demographics outside of Πάμμαχον practitioners (Πάμμαχοι) including, but not limited to: the military, the police, and the HEMA movement. Key points to take away:

  1. Α practitioner of Πάμμαχον (Pammachon) is a Πάμμαχος (Pammachos)
  2. sport Pammachon contains properly trained Παγκράτιον methodology and can be considered a superset
  3. A competitor “in” or someone training only “for” sport Pammachon is called a Παμμαχάριος (Pammaharios).
  4. A competitor “in” or someone training only “for” Pankration is called a Παγκρατιαστής (Pangratiastees)
  5. Πάμμαχον has other distinct components consisting of:
    a. Hellenic philosophy
    b. Hellenic terminology
    c. breathing exercises
    d. Πυρρίχιος (Hellenic martial dance)
    e. physical exercises
    f. emotional exercises
    g. mental exercises
    h. lethal techniqes
    i. κοντάρι (staff training)
    j. σπάθη (sabre) training
    k. σπάθη & ασπίδα (sabre & buckler shield) training.

For example, someone in the HEMA movement that does not study Πάμμαχον (and hence does not execute as a praxis), but competes in sport Pammachon, when made available for HEMA use, would be called a Παμμαχάριος and not a Πάμμαχος.
Though the HPA will not be implementing an adult sport Παγκράτιον version (ie. only our certified youth version which will not be made generally available), we refer to any of our brethren in Hellas who compete in a full contact format as a Παγκρατιαστής and not a Πάμμαχος. However, someone practicing Hellenic martial art (Πάμμαχον) in Hellas under the auspices of the Pammachon division of the ΕΟΠΑ, would be referred to as a Πάμμαχος.
It should be noted that all of the elements in 4., in their own way and though based on traditional methods, are backed by modern science. All elements, for optimum efficiency (even within martial sport rules), are performed in parallel with temporal progression in each area.


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