Color scans of Joachim Meyer’s “Fechtbuch zu Ross und zu Fuss” (MS Var.82) released into public domain


by Meg Floyd

I’m happy to bring the HEMA community some good news from HEMA researcher Michael Chidester and the Wiktenauer.

Chidester writes:

On the fifth day of Christmastide, here is my gift to you: beautiful color scans of the rarely-seen manuscript that Joachim Meyer, our beloved Freyfechter of Strasbourg, was working on when he died. While it is primarily an anthology of 15th century treatises by an unknown scribe, the last 15 folia or so were written by Meyer and contain an outline for applying Lecküchner-style Messer fencing to the Rappier (side sword).

I’ve had microfilm scans of this little guy for years, but been unable to share them publicly. Now everyone can enjoy this significant work!

The scans are linked in the article below, or you can proceed directly to the image viewer at this link. Unfortunately, the PDF download function doesn’t seem to be working at the…

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