Training Log for German school of fencing of the Hellenic Academy of Historical European Martial Arts.16/12/2014




We start our training with footwork and with exercises with the goal to keep the distance. Then we exercise on the 4 primary change guard drill.

Then we continue with the new project of lessons at the teachings of Sigmund Schining ein Ringeck from the Bloßfechten Gloss we continue the training on the advices of the grant meister Johannes Liechtenauer.
We study techniques from the 19r-24v and we were training in the Zornhau.

File:MS E.1939.65.341 035r.jpg

More specific in the verse:

‘If you stike an oberhau from the right and if you  want to end the fight, note: when he displace,inntediately strike around with the Zwerchhau. Grab the blade of your sword with the left hand and thrust into his face  or attack one of the other openings you can reach best.’


‘ If you thrust at his face at the halbschwert and he dispalce this, immediately strike him on the other sideof the head with the pommel or jump with right foot behind his left, move your pommel around his neck, from the right shoulder and tear him down over your right leg.’


Αt the next hour we work on the first Meyer’s stucke from Zornhut.

More specific in the verse:

‘In the Approach when you come into the Wrath Guard, then as soon as you can reach him, step and deliver a swift Wrath Cut at his left ear, which he must then parry; afterwards quickly deliver a Low Cut opposite it at his lower right opening; thus you have now laid on. Meanwhile, before he gathers himself to work, and gathers his arms for the stroke, then fall with your sword below on his arm, and thus hinder his course so that he cannot work. Then before he knows it, shove him away from you with a sudden jerk, so that he falters as if he were going to fall, and strike meanwhile to his nearest opening, which you will then surely have.’

Οι θέσεις Φυλάξης της Γερμανικής σπαθασκίας, από τον Joachim Meyer . Εδώ φαίνονται οι τέσσερεις βασικές μαζί με τις -δευτερεύουσες θέσεις φυλάξεως από τον Joachim Meyer ο οποίος ήταν δάσκαλος οπλομαχίας.

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