The Order of the Dragon and the Prince Stefan Lazarevic of Serbia


On this day, 12.XII. 1408, Sigismund of Luxembourg, King of Hungary and Germany and Holy Roman Empire, founded “Order of the Dragon”
The purpose of the society, was mainly to protect the principles of the Emperor, with the help of the Hungarian nobility, led by the families of Gara and Cilli. Like many other Orders at that time, its duties were also to protect the King and his family, to protect and defend the empire, to protect the women and children, and to spread and defend Christianity. The members who founded the order were 23 nobles of the kingdom, who drew a pact with the king and swore to maintain the “true and pure fraternity” within the “Society of Draconists”. They were all engaged in serving with loyalty no matter the price.
King Sigismund of Luxembourg was the Grand master of the Order, and Prince Stephan Lazarević of Serbia,one of his most significant and most trusted ally, was the First Knight of the Order of the Dragon and baron of Hungary and Holy Roman Empire..

  1. Stephanus despoth, dominus Rasciae, item – Stefan Lazar IV, known also as Stevan the Tall (Стеван Високи, 1374 – 19 July 1427), Serbian Prince (1389–1402) and Despot (1402–1427)
  2. Hermannus comes Cily et Zagoriae,
  3. Comes Fredericus, filius eiusdem,
  4. Nicolaus de gara, regni Hungariae palatinus,
  5. Stiborius de Stiboricz alias vaiuoda Transyluanus,
  6. Joannes filius Henrici de Thamassy et
  7. Jacobus Laczk de Zantho, vaiuodae Transyluani,
  8. Joannes de Maroth Machouiensis,
  9. Pipo de Ozora Zewreniensis, bani;
  10. Nicolaus de Zeech magister tauernicorum regalium,
    11.Comes Karolus de Corbauia, supremus thesaurarius regius,
  11. Symon filius condam Konye bani de Zecheen, janitorum,
  12. Comes Joannes de Corbauia, dapiferorum,
  13. Joannes filius Georgii de Alsaan pincernarum,
  14. Petrus Cheh de Lewa aganzonum regalium magistri,
  15. Nicolaus de Chak, alias vaiuoda Transyluanus,
  16. Paulus Byssenus, alter Paulus de Peth, pridem Dalmatiae,
    Croatiae et totius Sclauoniae regnorum bani,
  17. Michael, filius Salamonis de Nadasd comes siculorum regalium
  18. Petrus de Peren, alias siculorum nunc vero maramorossensis
  19. Emericus de eadem Pern secretarius cancellarius regius
  20. et Joannes filius condam domini Nicolai de Gara palatini.

From : ‘KDF Singidunum -Beograd-Istorijsko macevanje-Historische Fechtkunst


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