Hellenic Pankration Alliance program

By Eric Hill

There is a bit of confusion, and rightly so, to the use of the term “Pankration” in the label of our organization: the Hellenic Pankration Alliance. My hope is that the attached diagram clears this up (although all details are presented in text a bit differently on our website http://www.hellenicpankration.org/ ). The key concepts are: 1. The outer black circle is the “circle with no circumference” of, ultimately, expanding consciousness through the full adult HPA Pammachon program.
2. The blue circle represents the HPA youth program with linear, and closely managed, temporal progression.
3. The HPA youth program is the catalyst to piercing the Hellenic martial art (Πάμμαχον) circle – the solid black circle to the left is the starting point that eventually bring the youth to the center to properly initiate studies as an adult.
4. The HPA youth program brings the youth to the center of the Adult Pammachon circle. Preparing them for expansion in all directions as an adult.
5. The word “Pankration” (pronounced “Pankrateeon”) is used in the organizational title simply because the HPA youth sport Pankration rules (http://www.hellenicpankration.org/hpa/hpa-training/hpa-youth-sport) are the entry point to the youth physical skill studies.
6. Separating out the lines of study is, in fact, useful for visualizing and orchestrating the program. However, it is artificial as they are in fact inseparable and interdependent parts of the cognate whole that optimize the development of the youth practitioner.
7. Important to note: there is no intention of introducing a full contact adult sport Pankration format. Sport Pammachon, as introduced by the ΕΟΠΑ in Hellas in September of 2014, will be the core vehicle sport format for the adult HPA program forward in our timeline.
8. Very important to note…..the HPA program is being orchestrated/facilitated by the US Hellenic Diaspora for the development of the youth of Hellenic Diaspora communities as well as the youth of the US in general. http://www.hellenicpankration.org/hpa/organization/hpa-board-of-directors


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