Longpoint: Going Into The Rules Laboratory


The following is a blog on Longpoint’s main site discussing suggested changes and developments for this year’s tournament rule set. This is the first year in a few we’ve seen the return of sword and buckler and the premier of rapier to the Longpoint tournament lineup, which is very exciting. Remember, registration for Longpoint 2015 opens in just a week and is a great holiday gift for your favorite historical fencer. 

We fiddle with the rules a little bit every year, refining our popular Longpoint™ rules set as the community grows in size, skill, and resources. No rules set—competitive or otherwise—is perfect, and so every year has been a careful balance between priorities or emphases. Some experiments have been very successful (e.g., judges focused on a single color); others less so (e.g., our execution of the fully weighted afterblow). Our intention at every step of the way is to continue…

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