Two Hander Byzantine Sword


From : Sword-Site-The world’s Largest Online Sword Museum

Editor’s Note: Swords like this are typically identified as Islamic, however Professor Valeri Yotov has made an excellent case for their instead being Byzantine. See

10th/11th Century

In excavated condition, with broad double-edged blade with double central fuller over most of its length on each side, hilt comprising tapering cast bronze quillons with a central chevron on each side and moulded button terminals, and integral sleeve above and below made to fit over the base of the grip and mouth of a scabbard respectively, flat tapering tang, and bronze faceted cushion-shaped pommel with deep integral chape (open along one side).

65 cm. blade


Offered with a typed letter of expertise from Ewart Oakeshott dated 13 March 2001 stating his opinion as to the sword’s date and country of origin, and drawing a comparison to a bronze hilt of ‘the same form and construction’ in the Louvre, Paris. [Oakeshott nominated the sword as possibly Fatimid or Seljuk]

Sold for £2,100 24 Nov 2010




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