Construction of a replica byzantine shield,for use in public presentations and trainings

The shield is circular shaped (60 cm diameter).Made out of composed wood (12 mm thikness).Also includes several metal parts such as :double iron hoop (on both sides)on the perimeter,bonded together with wrought iron nails.A central round flap is placed on the outer face (as a hand protection).Which is connected with four metal strips (60X30mm) ending to the perimetrical hoops and creat the symbol of a cross that divides the front surface in four quadrants.
On the back side there were placed:an iron handle, made out of a triple braid of round iron strips.As also two iron rings for mounting a leather belt,to carry the shield on the back.All metal parts are handmade and mounted on the wooden body by hammered nails.The wood has been coloured by red natural pigment and after that was coated with a layer mat wood varnish.Also the central round flap and the front iron strips were painted, first by a layer of anticorrosive primer and after that by a coat of golden colour.All the rest of the iron elements were painted with metal varnish.
Finally,the shield is decorated with the emblem of the byzantine empire of the Paleologos period.The four “B” (pirekvolo) that in accordance with two versions of the historians,it ment:
a)” King of all Kings that rules beyond Kings”.
b) “King of all Kings (meaning God) Help our King”.
Also on the central round flap we draw,in red colour,the picture of the double head eagle.The symbol of Paleologo’s dynasty,as it is sculpted on the marble floor of Saint Dimitrios church in Mystra’s castle city in Laconia (Sparta).Just on the original spot that the last Emperor was crowned before his departure to throne of Constantinople.

From ‘Filokalia  Metal Art’




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