Twelve Teachings for the Beginning Fencer

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Andre Paurñfeyndt

English Translation

by Michael Chidester and Eli Combs


Twelve Teachings for the Beginning Fencer

Twelve rules that you should apply
Out of which you can grow great Art


The First

Whichever leg stands in front is bent
And the rear is extended to create a strong base


The Other

Fight high with extended body
Shoot to the openings powerfully with your reach


The Third

Strike and step together
And set your feet against each other


The Fourth

He who steps after striking
Will find no joy in his art


The Fifth

Note what the flat is
Do not fence left if you are right-handed


The Sixth

Search for the weak and the strong
“Indes”, note this word


The Seventh

Consider soft or hard
Nachreissen is your tool


The Eighth

Strike before and after
Do not close range too hastily


The Ninth

Fight near the body
Do not neglect the harassing strikes


The Tenth

Step close at the bind
Otherwise you will be wounded


The Eleventh

The front of the hand is called the long edge
Seldom attempt deflections with the short


The Twelfth

If you frighten easily
Do not learn to fence.


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