A HEMA brother need our help

For those of you who just got out of bed and online:

Dear HEMA community

This time we are asking you to donate, not to a Project, but for a person.
One of our HEMA fellows in Mexico, Toñio Ortega, suffers from a very complicated and dangerous medical condition for which the treatment is above the financial means of him and the family.

We don’t have much information right now, we just know it’s delicate, and that a considerate amount of money is needed, his family has started a donation to help to the medical expenses (https://www.facebook.com/tono.ortega.77?fref=ts ), and would like to ask for our support.

Since making transfers to a bank in Mexico from another country is quite complicated the Esfinges is offering their PayPal account to help the transfer: esfinges1@gmail.com

This will not go in name of Esfinges; this is in name of all of the HEMA community.

Every little bit helps.

Σπούδασε: Universidad la SalleΠόλη εργασίας: Mexico City, MexicoΤόπος καταγωγής: Mexico City, Mexico

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